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HyCoSy stands for Hystero-Contrast-Sonography. It is a procedure we use to test whether or not the Fallopian tubes are patent. See HyCoSy on this website.


Hydronephrosis is distention of the collecting system of the kidneys with urine. It can occur in the fetus and be detected with antenatal ultrasound examination. Occasionally it can occur in the pregnant woman as a result of pressure from the pregnant uterus against her ureters which normally drain urine from the bladder. Ultrasound examination can detect maternal hydronephrosis and find its cause.

Hydrops fetalis

Hydrops fetalis refers to fluid accumulation in the fetal abdomen, chest or pericardium along with swelling of soft tissues of the fetus. It can occur due to Rhesus blood group incompatibility but there are also lots of other causes. Ultrasound is the best test to determine the cause of non-immune hydrops fetalis.

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