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Threatened abortion

A threatened abortion is the same as a threatened miscarriage. A pregnant woman notices cramping and bleeding which could threaten to cause a miscarriage. An ultrasound examination will tell you whether the fetus is alive and well or whether a miscarriage is in fact happening.

Trans-vaginal ultrasound examination

A trans-vaginal ultrasound examination is one where a specially designed ultrasound transducer is inserted into the vagina. The transducer is long and narrow. Because it is placed close to the uterus and ovaries, it can get much higher resolution images than simply the trans-abdominal approach. Some women prefer the transvaginal approach because a full bladder is not needed.

Trans-perineal ultrasound examination

A trans-perineal ultrasound examination is one where the ultrasound transducer is placed against your perineum instead of against your abdomen. Nothing is inserted. Ultrasound gel is used to get close contact. It is a bit messy but it is not painful. This approach is mostly used to assess prolapse.

Triple test

The triple test is a blood test which is used to determine the risk of Down syndrome in a pregnancy. It relies on the levels of three proteins in the mother’s blood: alpha feto-protein, oestriol and beta HCG. It is not usually needed if a nuchal translucency test has been done in the first trimester of pregnancy. If ordered it is best done between 15 and 17 weeks gestation. It is optional and voluntary.

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Did not hurt at all after the amnio and I am feeling great! - Fong Ai