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Billing and cost structure

Ultrasound Care is a private practice which uses the highest quality medical equipment, and highly qualified sonographers and specialists.


Unfortunately Medicare's re-imbursement of costs has not kept up with inflation and they are not sufficient to cover the costs of the ultrasound examination, so we have to charge a private fee.


Item numbers for Women's health services seem to be particularly poorly funded by Medicare.


General imaging practices often subsidise the ultrasound side of their business from funds they receive from billing CT and MRI examinations.

Unfortunately that means that detailed, time consuming obstetric and gynaecological examinations are not their top priority.

But they are our top priority.


There are many different types of pregnancy and pelvic ultrasound examination, which all have a different fee and different Medicare rebate.

Please contact our receptionists to find out what the fee will be for your examination.


The Medicare safety net ensures that families do not pay too much out of pocket for health care in a calender year January to December. Medicare keeps a record of your claims and your out of pocket expenses and if the total exceeds $2030 per family or individual, or $647 if you hold a concession card, then they will reimburse you 80% of the out of pocket expense over $2030. In a pregnancy, this is particularly helpful.


If you are not able to afford a private ultrasound, you are entitled to use the public hospital ultrasound services which accept the Medicare only fee.


Please feel free to talk to our practice manager Irene, or one of our senior receptionists if you would like more information.