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Determining your baby's gender

There is always a lot of talk about whether or not to find out the baby's sex before birth. Lots of people are completely against it, and some people are very keen. 
If you are having the NIPT or NIPS or cell free fetal DNA screening for Down syndrome, the fetal gender can be determined at the same time. It can be done as early as 10 weeks gestation. It is over 99% accurate. Occasionally it comes up with a false positive for a sex chromosome abnormality, so any suspicious results need to be followed up with a chorionic villus sampling or an amniocentesis to be believed.

Otherwise, the best time to find out is at the 19 week anomaly scan. The sonographer or doctor can get several different views down between the fetal legs. The accuracy of ultrasound determination of fetal gender is increased if the sonographer gets several different views, and spends enough time to wait for the fetus to be in a good position. The accuracy of ultrasound at this gestation is over 99% as well.

Many people have trouble trying to decide whether to find out the baby's gender early, or whether to wait until the birth.
Here are some things to think about:

Finding out early
  • Might make choosing a name easier
  • Can help to create a stronger bond with baby during pregnancy
  • Will give you more time to prepare the clothes
  • May help you decide which child will sleep in which room
  • May help you decorate the nursery if you want gender specific colours
  • May help relatives who are knitting clothes and rugs for you
  • Make gift buying easier for friends and family
  • Can help other children accept the idea of an other baby and feel involved
Waiting until birth
  • Many people feel that there are not many surprises in life and that this should be one
  • Anticipation of finding ou can be exciting for you and your family
  • Anticipation may help you through labour
  • Finding out your baby’s sex at birth may avoid being disappointed with a particular gender as you fall in love so instantly
  • If no-one knows before the birth then the announcements are more exciting
  • Grandparents may feel it is more traditional to wait until the birth
Different options
  • We can put the gender in an envelope so that you can open it together in a special place
  • We can put the gender in an envelope so that your partner can find out if you don't want to know
  • We can give it to the skywriting team!
  • We can put the gender in an envelope so that you can give it to a baker who can colour the inside of the cake appropriately
Then when you cut into it at the baby shower, the gender is revealed! (google: Gender reveal cake)