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Interventional Procedures

What are interventional procedures?

There are a number of interventional procedures that are carried out by Ultrasound Care’s specialist doctors who are all qualified gynaecologists. We use the most modern machines, and all our sonographers are highly trained in gynaecological ultrasound.

The use of ultrasound

The use of ultrasound provides a great advantage to our specialist doctors when undertaking interventional procedures as it allows us to guide instruments into the right place, reducing the risk of complications and improving the success of the procedure. 

Interventional Procedures at Ultrasound Care

What ultrasound guided interventional procedures are provided by Ultrasound Care?

Ultrasound Care offers a range of ultrasound guided procedures including:

How Are Interventional Procedures Performed? Ultrasound Care

How are they performed?

Interventional procedures are usually carried out with the involvement of your referring doctor. In some instances, the Ultrasound Care team will come to your doctor to provide an interventional procedure service.

How is it determined whether I should have an interventional procedure and how is it arranged?

Interventional procedures may not be suitable for all women and all situations, so it is important that your individual circumstances are taken into account. Your referring doctor will be able to discuss your options with you and help you decide whether one of these procedures is right for you and will be able to liaise with the Ultrasound Care team any necessary requirements to facilitate your procedure.