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Second Opinion - Gynaecology Scans

Why is a second opinion sought for gynaecology scans?

Ultrasound Care’s team of obstetricians and sonographers are experts in women’s gynaecological ultrasound and regularly provide second opinions for doctors and women.

What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is when you or your referring doctor has questions or concerns about the results on a gynaecological scan and they ask another doctor for an opinion.

A second opinion reduces the risk of errors and misdiagnosis and may help avoid unnecessary procedures and can help your doctor provide better care. Sometimes, you may prefer to have a second set of eyes, particularly if you did not feel comfortable with the previous experience or are anxious with the result.

Gynaecology Second Opinion Sydney - Ultrasound Care

Why have a second opinion Gynaecology or Pelvic scan?

A second opinion gynaecology scan can be a good idea if you or your doctor has concerns about your ultrasound results. You might want a second opinion if:

Specialist Gynaecologist for Second Opinion - Ultrasound Care

What will happen on the day of the ultrasound?

The Ultrasound Care team understand that seeking a second opinion can be stressful and we will ensure we take the time to explain and  guide you through each step. 

All our doctors are specialist gynaecologists and we use the latest machines to get the best possible image quality. Ultrasound Care’s sonographers are skilled in gynaecological imaging and will talk you though the scan, including any difficulties they may have. When we have done your scan, our doctors will talk to you and your referring doctor about what we have seen and will send your doctor all the information from your ultrasound, to aid them in giving you the best possible care. 

How do I arrange for a second opinion gynaecology scan?

If you would like a second opinion scan, please talk to your family doctor or your gynaecologist. They can then provide you with a referral and copies of your previous report.

It can be helpful for the Ultrasound Care doctors to see the images and report from the other scan, so please bring them to your appointment. By comparing the original images to the current images, our doctors can see how quickly things have grown or changed. This can help with the correct diagnosis or help your doctor plan the urgency of any surgery that is required.

To arrange for your second opinion scan, please call the Ultrasound Care practice that is most convenient to you to arrange for your appointment.

How to Arrange for a Second Opinion at Ultrasound Care
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