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Ultrasound Care Loyalty

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. At Ultrasound Care, we know that it is an expensive time, and as every pregnancy is different – it can be difficult to know how much it will cost to have your baby.

Ultrasound Costs

When the pregnancy is straightforward, some women may require a limited number of scans. For other women due to different circumstances, their obstetricians may require weekly scans during part of the pregnancy to keep a close eye on how their baby is developing.

This uncertainty makes it difficult for future parents to know how much their care is going to cost and can be a source of stress during pregnancy.

Which is why Ultrasound Care offer our Ultrasound Care Promise.

What is the Ultrasound Care Promise?

The Ultrasound Care Promise is unique, and it guarantees that no matter how complex your pregnancy, or how many scans you require, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you will only ever pay for four full priced obstetric scans.

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How does the Ultrasound Care Promise work at Ultrasound Care?

How does the Ultrasound Care Promise work?

Once you have paid for four full priced obstetric scans, all other ultrasound scans you require will be bulk billed. For our patients who do not have a Medicare card, you will only be charged the Medicare rebate for any additional scans.

It’s important to us that our patients can relax knowing that whatever happens during their pregnancy journey, they will receive all the high-quality scans they require and have the comfort of knowing their ultrasound scan costs will be capped.

Eligibility Exceptions

Our Ultrasound Care Promise includes all full priced ultrasound scans but excludes non-scan items such as NIPT blood tests, chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis services.

Any ultrasound scans which are bulk billed do not count as a full price scan. For more information about the Ultrasound Care Promise and what is included, please ask any member of our care or admin team.

Ultrasound Care, with you on the journey - for the expected and the unexpected.

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