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Genetic Counselling

What is Genetic Counselling?

Genetic Counselling is a special consultation provided by Ultrasound Care where our doctors and genetic counsellors inform individuals or couples about the possible cause and consequences of health conditions that may affect a pregnancy or child.

Our doctors and genetic counsellors understand the sensitivity and stress related to genetic disorders and ensure we use language and explanations that are easily understandable. You can be assured that during your consultation, they will discuss all available options with you in a non-directive manner.

What are genetic conditions?

There are a number of common and less common genetic conditions that can affect a baby. The most common conditions are:

Specialist Ultrasound Clinic for Women Sydney Ultrasound Care - Genetic Counselling

At your consultation, the Ultrasound Care team will discuss the probability of these conditions occurring and the ways they may be detected and/or prevented, including family planning options.

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What if an increased risk is discovered?

Discovering there is an increased genetic or chromosomal risk to your pregnancy can be overwhelming. You may have several further testing options to consider. Our team will discuss these with you, and we ensure we allow our patients time to absorb and reflect on the information; and offer as much psychological support as they need.

We will also ensure we discuss the ethical implications and the emotional impact that may come with an unexpected diagnosis. 

Your health and well-being are important to us

The Ultrasound Care team of doctors and genetic counsellors are all highly trained and focused on the physical and mental health and well-being of our patients. Through our genetic counselling appointments, we interpret complex results and explain them in understandable and meaningful ways, to empower you to make decisions in line with your values.

Genetic counselling for pregnancy planning and pregnancy screening

Ultrasound Care also provides specialised genetic counselling for individuals and couples who are selecting screening and testing when planning a pregnancy or during pregnancy.

This includes the popular cell-free DNA screening (non-invasive prenatal testing – NIPT) and genetic carrier screening options. We also see women who are considering diagnostic testing including chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis. These tests may offer additional reassurance to women or can be used to confirm a diagnosis following an identified increased risk through screening.

How do I arrange for a genetic counselling appointment?

Ultrasound Care’s Genetic Counsellors are all highly skilled with a range of clinical and academic achievements. If you would like to arrange a genetic counselling appointment and discuss your needs further, please call the Ultrasound Care clinic most convenient to you.

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