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Specialist Ultrasound Clinic for Women Sydney Ultrasound Care - What does the fetal growth scan show

Why Do I Need a Second Scan?

It’s very unlikely there is anything wrong with your baby, it’s probably just in the wrong position or some other factor makes imaging challenging. 

Our specialist team strive to obtain and review every image of your baby that is relevant to their long-term health

At Ultrasound Care we have a standard protocol of images we wish to see from your baby. We maintain state of the art diagnostic ultrasound standards and will strive to achieve every view of your baby that is relevant to their long-term health. Each of our ultrasounds is performed by a specially trained Sonographer then the pictures that she takes are reviewed by our specialist doctors to ensure we have achieved a full assessment of your baby. 

There are many reasons why a second scan may be required

Not every baby is in the optimal position at every ultrasound, for example in some babies we will get beautiful pictures of their spine as they lie back up through the scan, however that may mean that we can’t see your baby’s face or heart.  

We will make suggestions to try and get the baby to change position – go for a walk, have something to eat, but with the best will in the world the baby may remain fixed in one position. If so, to meet our high standards the Sonographer will ask you to come back on another occasion for further views. 

Other factors that may limit the diagnostic capacity of our images: anything that shadows views of the uterus and absorbs the ultrasound wave signal; for example, fibroids, dense previous scars in your abdomen, bad constipation with gas, a thicker than average layer of fat and multiple pregnancies. 

Our specialist team are here to help

Rarely it will take more than two visits to capture all of the images that we need to complete the diagnostic analysis of your baby’s anatomy. We will always explain to you which views we are missing and liaise with you for a suitable time for you to return to complete your ultrasound scan.  

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