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Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day | Ultrasound Care

Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day

On November 4th we celebrate Genetic Counsellor awareness day! Ultrasound Care has a team of passionate genetic counsellors to support you throughout pregnancy and pregnancy planning. Our genetic counsellors are at the forefront of technological advances in prenatal screening, and are dedicated in supporting you to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy.

When is a good time to see a genetic counsellor?

A common misconception about genetic counselling is that it is only useful if there is a known issue in the pregnancy or a family history of the genetic condition. In fact, genetic counsellors can be involved at multiple stages in a pregnancy, including throughout fertility pursuits and family planning. From preconception carrier screening to selecting prenatal testing options, genetic counsellors specialise in communication of complex information in way that is clear and meaningful.

How can a genetic counsellor help me?

This year’s GCAD theme is “the only constant is change” which is central to our work as prenatal genetic counsellors. The evolution of knowledge means there are more testing options than ever before. Our goal is to assist clients to identify the most suitable screening and testing options and provide support throughout the decision-making process.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with a genetic counsellor, please contact an Ultrasound Care practice.

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