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Specialist Ultrasound Clinic for Women Ultrasound Care - “Morphology” Scan Sydney

What to Expect During Your Morphology Scan

At this scan, we have a careful systematic assessment of baby’s anatomy. This important scan assesses bub from “top to toe” and examines the brain (intracranial) anatomy and the heart in thorough detail. This scan is the time to also assess baby’s lips and palate for signs of cleft lip/palate, and also baby’s back for signs of whether the spine and skin have formed as expected (spina bifida). We count the fingers and toes and can even see the some of the individual bones in the fingers. We do all we can to ensure all the internal organs and bones have developed properly. We can tell you the appearance of your baby’s genitalia to let you know if you have a male or female baby, if you would like to know.

Why do we measure cervix length during this scan?

There is a lot of research to show that the length of the cervix is related to the risk of premature labour, so we will carefully assess your cervix. This is best done with transvaginal ultrasound. The transvaginal ultrasound allows us to accurately measure the length. At the same time, we also measure the distance of the edge of the placenta to the cervix..

You and your baby’s safety is our priority.

Remember, even if your cervix is shorter than expected, it does not mean you will go into early labour, it just means you have a higher chance than most. Most importantly, this information allows your doctor to put a plan in place.