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Safety Ultrasound During Pregnancy - USC

20 weeks – Congratulations you’re half way!

Congratulations, you’re halfway. Maybe even a little further particularly if there is a planned date for birth. Most routine ultrasounds are done and if you didn’t start to feel baby movements last week, it might happen this week. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen this week, for first time mothers it is not unusual to happen as late as 23-24 weeks.

Changes you may be noticing

At 20 weeks your baby weighs approximately 320gm and the uterus can be felt at the level of the belly button. Some women notice their in-e belly button starts to become an out-e. As your baby grows the uterus continues to stretch to give the baby room. This leaves less space for your bowel and puts pressure on your diaphragm and lungs. Some women feel breathless especially when lying down. Some women find it helpful to put a pillow between their legs and lie on their side.

Your comfort is important to us

All of our ultrasound couches are fully adjustable, so that we can make your scans as comfortable as possible. If at any time you feel faint or uncomfortable let us know. We can always change position or take a quick break. Of cause, if your breathlessness or discomfort persists, always check with you Midwife or Doctor.